Regular Spools

DEUCO POWER PLUS Stitching Wire performs beyond the range of any alternatives you may be using.

DEUCO POWER PLUS wire functions flawlessly in both semi automatic & automatic machines for regular and loop stitching applications. It's available in galvanized / zinc coating .And you can use one wire size for a variety of different jobs to simplify your operation.

Quality aspect & Policy

Our stitching wire is made from the finest raw material available in the country. It is drawn from special high quality rods to precise sizes and proportion. A smooth finish and even winding ensures superior workability. The wires uniform temper and finish eliminates wastage and help reduce stoppage during long production hours. Regular quality checks are carried out at different stages of production to ensure that only the best quality wire is delivered to customers.

The advantage of DEUCO is that it supplies quality material & products offers consistent mechanical properties, Zinc coating & bright surface finish.

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